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To establish ourselves as champions who exploit state of the art Open Source Information Technology tools to develop or modernize Web and Mobile-enabled Applications which propel higher degree of quality, production throughput in Manufacturing with lesser human intervention and increased automation. Neviton has proven itself as experts in building interfaces to Machines through Internet of Things (IoT) devices and live feeding data into real-time applications.

In accomplishing this goal, we aim to create IT products and services that are easy to adapt into Manufacturing and elevate our customers to reach higher ranking in their industry. We apply these technology solutions in AEROSPACE Industry. Together with our Parent Company – Universal Alloy Corporation, we possess solid domain knowledge of Aircraft/Aerospace Industry and thus have been successfully applying these Applications to Aircraft/Aerospace Industry.

Although unrelated to Manufacturing, we have been present in Music Publishing Industry for over a decade and possess deep understanding of the Music Publishing processes, challenges and needs of our Client such as Warner Chapel Music. In building related Applications, we have built knowledge of several legacy Applications in this space which lack integration and thus involve a high degree of human intervention and manual processes. We pride ourselves in transforming such legacy Apps into state-of-the art, automated and integrated Web Applications.

While we are present in the said Industries, we can produce similar results across any domain or industry because we will then tap the domain expertise of our Customers and make them an integral part of our Application Transformation or Application building processes.

Universal Alloy Corporation, our parent Company, is solidly backing our efforts in acquiring world-class talent and building top-notch teams, investments in R&D of Applications’ Interfaces to broader suite of IoT Devices and applying them to improving quality and increasing automation across any industry.

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Sanjay Venkatesh

Sanjay Venkatesh


Bharatha Bhushana

Bharatha Bhushana

VP & Head, Technology

Venkatesh Mayya

Ratika Mirji

Head, HR

Rishi Raj

Rishi Raj

Head, Engineering CAD

Venkatesh Mayya

Prasanna Kumar

Head, Engineering CAM

CEO Message

Neviton, a group company of MTC AG, is embarking on an exciting transformational journey from pure play IT and Engineering services to building IP for the fast paced Digital Age. Our unique experience in the Music Publishing and Aerospace Industry is the base from which we can deliver business outcomes for our customers. Backed by the financially strong MTC group, our committed workforce and leading edge technology will help deliver outcomes, delight and results for our clients and stakeholders. Drawing upon the philosophy of our parent company, ethics, integrity, quality and a family culture form the foundation on which we will embark on this journey.